BBA Documents & Policies

Coaching Resources:

11U, 13U, 15U, 18U Pitch Count Forms

Baseball Scorekeeping Tips

9U Baseball BC Practice Plans 

5U and 6U Coaching Manual

Coach and Parent Leader Manual 5U, 7U, 9U

Interlock Rules 2024:

9U WLM Interlock Rules 2024

11U WLM Interlock Rules 2024

13U WLM Interlock Rules 2024

13UAA Interlock Rules 2024


Player’s Code of Conduct
Parent’s Code of Conduct
Coach’s Code of Conduct
Player Request Form
Player Movement/Release Form (BCBA)
Criminal Record Check Policy (Please Complete And Submit Online for Free)



The BBA has many policies that pertain to all areas of our baseball organization.  The BBA and its members strive to ensure that these policies are followed. 

Registration Refund Policy
Volunteer Requirement Policy
Player Division Movement Policy
Team Formation Policy

BCMBA Rules:
Click Here for 2024 Rule Book

Disciplinary Committee:

In the event of an incident that requires the disciplinary committee, please email detailing the incident including the date and time of the incident.