Volunteering with the BBA

Description of Association Volunteer Positions

Fundraising Coordinator
Responsibilities include collecting fund-raising ideas from parents, volunteers and other sources. Works with the Board to determine best fund-raising ideas to pursue. Works with Team Parents and Volunteer Coordinator to organize and execute the fundraiser(s). Responsibilities include finding, securing and maintaining relationships with sponsors each season. Other duties include pickup and delivery of cheques to league treasurer, writing Sponsor Thank You letters. Works with BBA Web Master to update sponsor listings and links

Concession Manager
This person would be totally responsible for managing the concession located at Harwood Park. They would be responsible for the purchasing and stocking of the concession and working with the Volunteer Coordinator in putting shift schedules together for volunteers working in the concession.

Public Relations & Marketing
This volunteer would liaise with newspapers, social media etc. in getting BBA’s name out into the community. Position is open to parents, and students looking to gain some experience in this field.

Document Coordinator
Works with Document Helpers to create and update all league related documents and information packages such as parent handbook, registration forms, and contact lists. Liaise with the Webmaster to ensure documents are updated on the website.

Document Helper
Reporting to the Document Coordinator, helper will research changes to rule requirements, and update contact lists and other documents as required.

First Aid Coordinator
This coordinator is responsible for ordering first aid supplies, preparing basic first aid kits for each teams’ equipment bag, as well as, comprehensive kits for field bunkers. And replenishing supplies to the kits noted, as required.

Bottle Drive Coordinator
This volunteer is responsible for maintaining the bottle/can recycling account at the Kensington Return It Depot. This will be achieved by ensuring that BBA families are informed on how to donate their returnables to the association; that recyclable items collected at games, tournaments, and other events are bagged and delivered to the Return It centre. And that accumulated funds are transferred to the associations’ bank account.

Description of Division Volunteer Positions

Division Coordinator*
The Division Coordinator will liaise with all coaches, as well as the other associations within his/her division. Must learn or know all divisional playing rules. Should be available to attend all evaluations for their division, as well as the team draft or assignment meeting in March (or earlier depending on division and team). The Coordinator will also liaise with the Board regarding the selection of coaches for his/her division. Provide parents with initial league orientation and updates on league events as required. For a complete description please see our website.

Head Coach*++
The Head Coach reports to Divisional Coordinator. The Head Coach is responsible for running the team – including practices and games. Must learn division playing rules and instruct players in proper baseball skills. Involve parents with the team and league activities. Must be available to attend all the evaluations for their division as well as the team draft or assignment meeting in March (or earlier depending on division and team). Make sure players and parents have fun. Head Coaches are subject to board approval. One Head Coach only per team.

Assistant Coach*++
The Assistant Coach reports to Head Coach. The Assistant Coach helps to instruct players in baseball skills. Helps at practices and games. All Assistant Coaches will take on the following team safety officer responsibilities: inspecting player’s equipment, inventory of team first aid kit before each practice and game. Assistant Coaches are subject to board approval. Up to 2 assistant coaches are permitted per team.

Note about Coaching:
At BBA we strive to provide all our coaches with the skills necessary to excel at the job of coaching our children. All BBA coaches are required to obtain NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program) training to coach. All Training courses will be reimbursed by BBA when confirmation of attendance and receipt of payment has been submitted to the Association.

Team Parent/Manager*
The Team Parent(s) reports to the Head Coach and liaisons with the Volunteer Coordinator. At the team level, the team parent(s) assist in the following (but not limited to):
 Coordinates the volunteer activities of other parents on the team (scorekeeper, pitch count, field prep, etc.) using SignUpGenius or another similar website
 Verifies volunteer activities performed at games and practises
 Organizes the parent volunteer hours tracking from the parents to the Volunteer Coordinator
 Helps the coaches organize and schedule out various activities throughout the season (tournaments, travel, etc.)
 Organizes social activities whenever needed, such as snack schedule and team parties/BBQs.
 Communicate to team any schedule changes, upcoming events, reminders, etc.
 Collect orders & payment for team photo day

NOTE – Sign up only for a division that your child will be playing in. If there is no pre-chosen Team Parent on a given team, the Head Coach will meet with the parents to determine the best candidate(s). Any team without a Team Parent will be forced to forfeit their games until the position is filled.

Individual Team Web page master
The volunteer(s) will maintain a web site just for his/her team. On this site they can post rosters, stats, photos and other needed team information.

Please note the following:
Positions marked with an ++ are required to have mandatory coaching certification which the Association will pay for upon successful completion of the required course(s).

Description of Event Volunteer Positions

Tournament Organizers
As the BBA hosts a number of tournaments thru the Spring and Summer seasons – help is always needed. A coordinator for each tournament would work in conjunction with the BBA Board, Parks Board, Divisional Coordinators, Umpire Coordinator, Coaches etc. in organizing the tournament.

Tournament Helpers
Positions include everything from concession, field prep, 50/50 draws and much more.

Coaches Welcome Coordinator
This volunteer will spear head the BBA Coaches Welcome. They will liaise with the BBA President, Player/Coach Development Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, in putting together an introduction and welcome session. Coaches will also receive their required equipment etc. during this session.

Coaches Welcome Helpers
These volunteers will assist the Coaches Welcome Coordinator as needed.

Coaches Appreciation Coordinator
This volunteer will put together a Coach’s Appreciation event to be held at the end of the season. The Coordinator will also liaise with the President, Player/Coach Development Coordinator and Equipment Coordinator in planning this event.

BBA/Family Day Coordinator
This volunteer will coordinate a BBA Day where we celebrate ourselves as an association. This person will liaise with the BBA Board, Concession Manager and Photo Day Coordinator to put together this full day event.

BBA/Family Day Helpers
Will assist the BBA Day Coordinator as needed.

Photo Day Coordinator
This volunteer will select a photographer to photograph all BBA teams. They will also send out required information to each team and will liaise with the BBA Board and BBA Day Coordinator.

Photo Day Helpers
These volunteers will assist the Photo Day Coordinator as needed.

Description of Pre/Post Season Volunteer Positions

Signage Helpers
These volunteers will help put up and take down any signage that is required by the Association around Burnaby (mostly at school grounds) – a truck or large vehicle would be most helpful but not necessary.

Pre Season field prep & equipment bunker helpers
Volunteers must be able to lift approximately 20 kg and be willing to get a little dirty! Duties will include checking and replenishing supplies in each equipment bunker, lining, painting and raking fields, putting up fencing or screens. A large vehicle would be helpful but not necessary.

Post Season field & bunker clean up helpers
These volunteers will help clear out, tidy and organize field equipment bunkers and move equipment to storage as needed. Screens or fencing moved as needed.

Registration Helpers
These volunteers would help either at the registration table by checking, receiving required documentation, issuing tax receipts or roaming the floor during the in-person registrations and making sure families at registration have all required documents and be there to answer questions.

Equipment Distribution/Return Helpers
These volunteers will help the Equipment Coordinator in sorting thru, giving out and putting away of all equipment that is given out or returned by the Association.

Coach & Umpire Clinic Helpers
Volunteers will help at registration of each of these clinics and assist as needed.

Coaches Appreciation Helpers
These volunteers will assist the Coaches Appreciation Coordinator as needed.

Description of Game Volunteer Positions

Dugout Parent (Blast Ball to Mosquito House only)
The Dugout Parent is responsible for making sure the players have all their proper equipment and are ready for the field by helping them know their field positions or their batting order. If there is no pre chosen Dugout representative on a given team, the Head Coach will meet with the parents to determine the best candidate. All Dugout Parents MUST undergo a Criminal Records Check before the season start.

Team Helpers (Blast Ball to Tadpole only)
On game days Team Helper(s) assist the coaches and players with warm up activities, equipment requirements, and on field play. Helpers may also assist with drills and other activities during team practises. All Team Helpers MUST undergo a Criminal Records Check before the season start.

Scorekeepers** (from Tadpole to Midget)
A minimum of 3 people from each team are required to take the free BBA information session each Spring season and be available to score keep for the team on a rotating basis. Duties will include keeping accurate scores and stats for each assigned game.

Pitch counters** (from Tadpole to Midget)
A minimum of 3 people from each team will need to know the required divisional pitch counting rules for their team as well as tracking and recording such for both home and away games.

Seasonal Field Prep Crews**
There must be a minimum 3 people from each team who must attend the free BBA field prep information session (which will be held in the early Spring) on how to properly prep fields before and after each game. Duties include prepping the field before and after each home game by doing the following: raking, brushing and watering down of the field, and adding dirt as needed to pitcher’s mound and batter’s box, lining batter’s box, raking the field after practices and games, and dug outs swept and free of trash after games.

Concession Helpers
These volunteers would be manning the concession during the baseball season. Duties would include opening and closing of the concession, stocking, selling of product and manning the BBQ. Volunteers will also be responsible for the handling of cash. Volunteers will be expected to man a minimum of three (3) different shifts in the concession throughout each season.

Please note the following:
1) Positions marked with a ** will be required to take a free BBA sponsored information session

For more information about volunteering, please contact: volunteer@burnabybaseball.com