Spring 2022 Co-ed Early Bird Registration BEGINS!

Spring 2022 Co-ed Early Bird Registration BEGINS!

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Early Bird registration for Spring 2022 baseball season starts NOW till December 31st, 2022 for all divisions from ages 3 to 26. For information on all-girls pre-registration, click below and you will be redirected to our girls baseball website.

CLICK HERE for Co-ed Early Bird Registration Portal

CLICK HERE for All-girls Pre-registration portal

What is Co-ed Early Bird?

For Co-ed, all fees (excluding grassroots) reflect a 10% discount right now till December 31st, 2022. After that, the 10% discount will be removed. Early bird registration will also enable players to reserve their spots. For All-girls, there is no fees charged during pre-registration. Pre-registration reserves the player(s) spots and players get a 10% discount when regular registration begins (i.e. after December 31st.) Players who pre-registered will be invoiced with the 10% discount.

What is 5U and 7U Grassroots?

New to baseball and Burnaby Baseball Association? You get a special discounted rate of 50% off the regular fees so that you can try out baseball for the first time. All you need to do is select “Yes” in the “New To BBA?” drop down menu.

What is included in the fees?

Each division is different, go to our “Registration” tab and select “Divisions & Fees” for more information on each division and what their fees include. Other items include umpire fees, insurance, covid cleaning supplies and game/practice equipment

What is a volunteer refundable deposit?

Burnaby Baseball Association is completely driven by our volunteers. Coaches, team parents, coordinators, board members, registrars, website maintenance, field preparations, equipment coordinators and all other operations are driven by volunteers. During registration, you are able to choose which area you would like to volunteer. If you are unable to volunteer, you can opt out but there will be a $200 opt out fee. If you opt-in, you and your household will need to fulfill the number of volunteer hours required by the division your players are in. To ensure our volunteers fulfill their hours, during registration, a post dated cheque or a paypal invoice is created. If the volunteer fulfills the hours, the cheque is destroyed or the credit card will not be charged. However, if the volunteer does not fulfill the hours, the cheque is deposited or the credit card is charged the volunteer deposit. Fulfilling the volunteer hours is easy to do. If you have any questions with regards to volunteering, please email jonathan@burnabybaseball.com

What is a uniform refundable deposit?

Uniform deposits apply to co-ed divisions i.e. does not apply to Valkyries. Divisions that play against house teams or interlock teams wear locker uniforms and these need to be returned at the end of the season. To ensure the return of these locker uniforms, each player provides a post dated cheque or receive a paypal invoice for the refundable deposit. If uniform is returned, cheque is destroyed or the paypal invoice is not charged. However, if the uniform is not returned at the end of the season, the cheque or credit card will be charged.

Why does BBA need my proof of address and my player’s proof of date of birth?

Under BCMBA rules, we need to ensure that all our players are from our catchment and in order to prove that all our players are from our catchment, we require a proof address. We also need to provide proof to the city of Burnaby that our players are in our catchment in order to reserve baseball fields. As for proof of date of birth. This is to ensure that the player is in the correct division under BCMBA rules and to provide insurance for each player. ALL personal information is held in confidentiality in BBA’s digital secured vault and are destroyed at the end of the season. It is highly recommended to scan and upload the documents as opposed to submitting physical copies to ensure confidentiality.

What about Waivers, Code of Conduct and Other Documents?

Waivers, code of conduct and other documents are standard documents for all sport activities. This is to protect our volunteers and players. Please download the waivers, have them signed and upload them back into the system. If you cannot scan and upload, you can provide the waiver forms and all other documents at the in-person registration event OR to the coach or coordinator BEFORE the start of the season.

Questions? Please contact Jonathan at jonathan@burnabybaseball.com

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