Spring 2021 Begins! New Covid Waiver Forms & Other Reminders

Spring 2021 Begins! New Covid Waiver Forms & Other Reminders

April 6, 2021 Uncategorized 0

Greetings! For everyone who registered for our Spring baseball season, It begins!

Glad to see our players all eager to get back on the field! Every team should now have their Covid cleaning supplies and Covid/attendance binders. When your team is running low on sanitizer or disinfectant, please let us know, we have extra supplies in the locker.  Some have asked about the sanitizers, Hand Sanitizer – is Parallel 49 and Disinfectant – is Vital Oxide (1 part solution to 9 parts water).

Outstanding Registration Items and New Waivers

Its time to collect all outstanding registration items and new waivers, normally these items would have been collected during in-person registration dates, but due to restrictions was not possible again this year.  

BBA requires all families to provide Proof of Age and Proof of Residence, these items can be uploaded to their child’s profile (if they haven’t already), if not possible then a physical copy will need to be collected at time of waivers collection.  Proof of Residence must show a date within the last 2 months and only needs to be the stub of phone/cable/tax, etc. bill.  Some families have mailed in these items and we have noted collected.   Families are also required to provide a Uniform Deposit ($100) and Volunteer Deposit ($200 and one per family), both cheques to be post-dated June 30, 2021, unless family has chosen to opt-out, then fee is due now unless you already paid this at time of registration. Submit these cheques via mail or hand them in at the same time as the waivers.

Use the links below for the new COVID Waivers.

Please print, initial where needed and sign (do not email them) and I will arrange to meet teams and collect these items.

Baseball BC – Declaration of Compliance:

Baseball BC – Youth Participant Waiver:

Baseball BC – Adult Participant Waiver:


Players Code of Conduct:


Parents Code of Conduct:

Coaches Code of Conduct:https://www.burnabybaseball.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/CoC-Coach.pdf

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Sonya Jeffries-Ellen

BBA – Director

604 454-8792                  




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