15U-AA Tryouts

15U-AA Tryouts

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We are pleased to announce the 15U-AA Head Coach will be Ryan Crago for the 2021 season.  Assistant Coach(es) will be named once team has been announced.

Try-out information is listed below, if you have not already informed me by email your wish to tryout for 15U-AA, please contact Sonya at 15U@burnabybaseball.teamor sonya@burnabybaseball.team to add your name to the try-out list by February 1st, after that date you will removed from future email updates for this team.  

NOTE:  Any player that resides outside Burnaby Baseball Association (BBA), must obtain a tryout release, please see below for instructions.  

Interested Players are encouraged to attend all tryout dates.  All players MUST be registered with their Home Association before attending first tryout date (players in open/neutral area, will need to be registered for insurance purposes). 

Indoor Tryouts:        Dates/Times TBA

Outdoor Tryouts:      Sundays, February 7 and 14 from 1 – 3pm at Central Park

Map Link:  https://goo.gl/maps/TLisxrefPFXQuCkW8

ALL COVID Protocols MUST be always followed.  We are currently in Phase 2 with added restrictions from our Governing bodies:  

Baseball BC Last update December 4, 2020:

Please see our website (www.burnabybaseball.com) for COVID Protocols (check back often, as they will be updated shortly and often moving forward as Spring season approaches).

Anyone that did not participate in BBA’s Summer and Fall Adapted seasons, MUST complete all waivers (found on BBA’s website) to be collected at first try-out date.

IMPORTANT information for the upcoming 2021 15U-AA team (all subject to change as we will most likely be in Cohort/Bubbles).  BBA will declare 15U-AA team by February 1st, we have until February 15 to withdraw team without monetary penalty of $500.:

This is a Single Season team, April – August, exact dates will be determined (if post season Provincials:  BCMBA, Baseball BC and Westerns are allowed).  

  • This team will be Tier 2 (as we are not fielding a AAA team).
  • Interlock TBD will be based on final number of teams put forward (Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland, Interior and possibly the Island).
  • At least one weekday game and 3 game weekends (not all weekends), one Double Header (DH) and one Game.
  • 9-man ball all season.
    • Rule 25.06 – No fair play rule is mandated for Single Season teams.
    • Players (Families) will be required to sign a player agreement acknowledging the no minimum rule.
  • There will be a Rep Fee in addition to base fee, this will be determined after BCMBA interlock meeting.
  • Tournaments (if allowed) will be at the expense of the team.

Outside BBA Boundaries – Tryout Process (BCMBA Rule 6.02)

Players who wish to try-out for BBA’s 15U-AA team, and reside outside of BBA’s boundaries (see our website for boundary map) and Home Association is not fielding a team, must obtain a Preliminary Try-out Approval first, see below.

NOTE, Players MUST register with their Home Association first, if a player is unsuccessful on making roster, they must return to Home Association.  Players that reside in open/neutral areas are considered import players and we are allowed up to 3 non-BBA players (import) on team.

To obtain a Preliminary Try-out Approval, request by email to BC Minor Baseball Association (BCMBA) Player Eligibility eligibility@bcminorbaseball.org.  

Please send the following Players information:



Date of Birth:

Home Association:

Division, Tier and Name of Association trying out for 

Please ensure your email is also copied to:

Your Home Association President and/or Divisional Coordinator in addition to BBA’s President at President@burnabybaseball.team, and 15U Divisional Coordinator at 15U@burnabybaseball.team

This must be sent and accepted by BCMBA before you can attend first try-out.  Please note, players that reside in open/natural areas such as New West, do not need to obtain a release.

BCMBA Rule 6.03 (G):

Should an Association use any player prior to approval of that player’s Application for Player Movement or Preliminary Try-Out Approval from the Player Eligibility Chair, including allowing the player to participate in training camps or practices, or playing the player in any game, such Association shall be fined a minimum of $200.00 per player, as well as be subject to suspension. The team officials or any coaching staff who knowingly allows players who have not be properly approved to play or practice with their team involved shall be subject to a suspension of not less than 30 days. A fine under this clause shall not exceed $3,000.

NOTE:  All players/coaches, etc. have been warned, BBA will not be held responsible for these fines if these rules have been breached.

Please feel free to pass this email on to others who YOB is 2006 and 2007.  This email is limited to those that have registered with BBA and/or emailed me intent to tryout.                

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sonya Jeffries-Ellen

15U Coordinator

604 454-8792                   




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